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TC4Titanium Alloy Bars Order Finished With NDT Test
Nov 18, 2018

TC4Titanium alloy bars order finished with NDT test


We could supply Titanium alloy bars detailed as below:


Standard: GB/T2965-2007GB/T13810Q/BS5331-91ASTM B348ASTM F136ASTM F67AMS4928


Supplied conditon:hot rolled/forged/peeled bright finish

Titanium &titanium alloy round/square bars in Gr6,Gr7, Gr9, Gr12,

Gr29, Ti6242 ,Ti662 ,Ti6246 ,Ti5Al2.5sn ,Ti6Al7Nb, complying to

ASTM, AMS Specification, Wholesale or sample order with global

prompt delivery.

1. Titanium Bars in Aerospace                            

Machine disk and blade, compressor , intermediary casing, bearing shell &

pressurevessels, fuel tanks,frames and rocket housings & fasteners and

engines Pneumatic parts accessories.

2. Titanium Bars in Medicial Application

For the production of artificial prostheses & Joint and orthopedic implants

and dental implants, medical rod filter

3 Titanium Bars in Petrochemical Application

chemical equipment components &fastener

4 Automobile and motorcycle Application

when you have need titanium or titanium alloy round bars/wires or pipes or flanges or pipe fittings,please inform us my friend.

Once address:www.songalloy.com,servise forever.

Only you cooperate with us,you will know what you paid for is much more valuable.

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