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Stainless Steel Bars And Pipes Price Down These Days Dated 12-12-2018
Dec 12, 2018

Today the electrolytic nickel 89000-96000 yuan/ton.

The premium for Russian nickel is 200 yuan/ton over wuxi 1901 contract, and the premium for jinchuan nickel is 7,000 yuan/ton over wuxi 1901 contract. Jinchuan factory price today is 95,500 yuan/ton, 500 yuan/ton lower than yesterday. Russian nickel discount overall narrow, the main import window closed, inventory decline, jinchuan nickel premium overall downward. Clinch a deal respect, nickel price falls slightly today, but downstream clinch a deal is general, trader and steel mill take goods yesterday all more active, clinch a deal at 89000 yuan/ton of mainstream price today, clinch a deal of jinchuan nickel is more stable, but integral electroplating alloy takes goods general. Mainstream transactions in 88850-95800 yuan/ton. Nickel prices fell slightly in the afternoon, the lower reaches of the enthusiasm to take goods, nickel beans transaction is better, there are traders actively receive goods, nickel beans discount narrowed. Mainstream transactions in 88800-95800 yuan/ton. Since last Thursday, the spot market turnover improved, short-term disk shock is likely to be large, the downstream to take goods enthusiasm.

Due to stainless steel bars/rods and stainless steel pipes,stainless steel plate/sheets/ price follow the step of nickle price rise or down normally.stainless steel flanges and stainless steel pipe fittings price also have effects with the raw material of stainless steel bars,stainless steel pipes price rise or down. we could supply stainless steel bars,stainless steel round bars,stainless steel flat bars,stainless steel square bars,hex stainless steel bars and stainless steel profiles ect long stainless steel products. stainless steel pipes,seamless stainless steel pipes,round stainless steel pipes,astma213/312 pipes,sch10,sch40 stainless steel pipes and stainless steel rectangular pipes,square stainless steel pipe tubes,stainless steel oval pipes,hex stainless steel pipes etc. Meanwhile,centrifugal casting pipes such as reformer tube,radiant tubes,spun cast pipes,umco50 pipes,nickle alloy pipes etc we could supply. when you have need stainless steel bars/wires or pipes or flanges or pipe fittings,please inform us my friend.

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