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Stainless-steel-bar/pipe- Price-rising
Feb 22, 2017

stainless steel bar,stainless steel pipe/tube price nearly stable but little rising.

Aaron nickel today in early trading opened at $10840 / ton, nickel consolidation run in a day after opening line above, to $10900 / ton, high center of gravity down, slightly after the afternoon Aaron nickel diving downward, Aaron nickel below 10 - day moving average position quickly, low to 10730 dollars/tons, after gradually stabilized, low time in Europe and America, nickel small rebound, hit above the daily average lines, as thus, were nickel quote at $10825 / ton, and so on to short little Yin xing, Aaron nickel date line technical indicators KDJ weak, during the night or still weak, continue to test 10 - day moving average.

1705 in early trading today Shanghai nickel main forces in 90110 yuan/ton, Shanghai nickel narrow consolidation run in a day after opening line, center of gravity down, slightly after afternoon, affected by the black down mood, short ing obviously, Shanghai nickel Pierce 10 and 60 day line support, low to 89020 yuan/ton, after stabilization, low closed at 89740 yuan/ton.All day long, Shanghai nickel main contract settlement price fell 2.32% on the previous day, and an additional 99000 to 492000 hand volume, small holdings fell to 570000, the Shanghai nickel continuous upward after open the callback, but the entity interval is located above 10 line, night Shanghai nickel shrank, the evening pay attention to the existing home sales.

Shanghai spot, the SMM 1 # electrolytic nickel, 88800-89300 yuan/ton.Overnight nickel back sharply, continued weak operation today, the market premium is narrow, jinchuan nickel from wuxi main contract 1703 premium 300-200 yuan/ton, the nickel premium 600-500 yuan/ton, high premium supply less, morning clinch a deal, low discount gradually after clinch a deal, is still the traders receiving is given priority to, part of the downstream the dips a moderate amount of purchase, but there are still most downstream wait-and-see, jinchuan company factory price cut 1700 yuan to 89000 yuan/ton, shipment is still positive.On the morning of the mainstream clinch a deal the range of 88650 ~ 89300 yuan/ton.Afternoon, disk center of gravity to continue downward, jinchuan smooth water, Russian nickel discount 300 yuan/ton, clinch a deal, but still is given priority to with traders to clinch a deal, clinch a deal the mainstream range of 88200 ~ 88600 yuan/ton.

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