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Cobalt alloy umco50 price UMCO50 pipe
Feb 22, 2017

Since 2016-11,the price of Cobalt rising,Cobalt rising day by day nearly,now the highest price reach RMB379600 per ton,comparing last year price rise more than 70%.Umco50 Containers nearly 50% Cobalt,so the price according to the Big mainland and international market also rising.

UMCO50 pipes we supply outdiameter from 57mm to 1200mm,thickness6mm and above

UMCO 50 pipes produced usually as furnace heat-resistant,oxidation resistance, and require high temperature strength, and corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance of the application environment. In an oxidizing atmosphere containing sulfur, has very good corrosion resistance to heavy oil or other fuel combustion products of medium, widely used in coal chemical industry is also used as a nozzle, heat resisting block high temperature measuring instrument, and the protection sleeve.

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