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Cobalt Alloy Bars And Pipes Price Stable
Aug 20, 2018

On August 20, the price of cobalt 470000-502000 RMB/ton.it seems stable price this week now

we supply UMCO50,Co bars,umco50 pipes,hot rolled forged cobalt alloy bars,umco50 pipe tubes,reformer tube,radiant tube etc

Finished Machining Centrifugal Casting High Temp UMCO50 Pipe for sale

  1. Top quality finished machining bright UMCO50 pipes produce and supply

  2. centrifugal casting UMCO50 pipes max dia1200mm as furnace tube

  3. Manufacturing standards: SAE UMCO50 or as per clients’ drawing and design

  4. Manufacturing process: Centrifugal casting

  5. Finished machining

  6. sealing test 0.5Mpa

  7. seamless umco50 pipes mini order 500kgs each size

  8. welcome to contact us for inquiry and orders!


when you import Co alloy bars or pipes or stainless steel  bars and pipes,please contact us immediately

by email song@songalloy.com you will get what you pay for my friend.

When you cooperate us you will got more than what you wanted,

welcome to contact us my friend!