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2019 Chinese New Year Holidays Pig Year SinceJan.31-Feb.12
Jan 25, 2019

To all of our clients and friends,our holidays will start Jan.31 till Feb12th,2019.During these times you could also send us the inquiries,we will keep an eye to our mailbox when we got we will return you.Do hope 2019 will be great for us!

Be health,peace,fortune and happiness!

Shaanxi RuiYang Import&Export Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of Top grade alloy products.

Our products Include Stainless steel, Titanium alloy, Cobalt alloy, Heat-resistant steel centrifugal casting( pipe and accessories) total 4 series.

Stainless steel products include:stainless steel bar, plate, pipe (seamless,welded pipe, decorative pipe, product pipe), wire rope, standard parts, etc.

Titanium alloy products include:Titanium bar, plate, titanium alloy pipe system and accessories, titanium standard parts;

Cobalt alloy products include: UMCO50 round bar, round pipe;

Heat-resisting steel centrifugal cast pipe and accessories include: metallurgical and petrochemical usage.

In production we have specialized in the production lines: smelting, piercing, rolling, forging, finished machining, casting well equipped with vacuum induction furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, vacuum self-consuming furnace, AOD refining furnace, Non-vacuum induction furnace.and other advanced production equipment.Testing equipment we equipped with direct reading spectrometry,Portable spectrometer.

From production to Inspection we had established our strict quality management system, to ensure the quality of products meet the national standards and customer's custom requirements

Since 2007,we has been specializing in the production and sales of stainless steel bar, plate, seamless pipe,welded pipe,decorative pipe,product pipe and pipe accessories,flange and fittings.

Since 2011,we expanded the production and sales of titanium alloy, cobalt alloy, heat-resistant steel centrifugal casting pipe and other fields.

We focus on the total needs of our Clients. We can not only supply a single product, but also complete the combined order of multiple products.Product professionalism is your best choice

Our trademark: "ruiyang" "TOP ALLOY"

Our products have been successfully exported to Europe, Russia, Britain, asean, South America, kazakhstan, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Our philosophy: integrity first, quality first, service first.,simple pursuit

If you cooperate us,you will get more than what you wanted! In old words to say that The horse cross the River,Only you know us!

welcome to contact us for inquiry!