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how to buy stainless steel bright round bars
Apr 13, 2017

 How to buy stainless steel bright round bars

As we are professional stainless steel bars producers and change our roles as importers or buyers of stainless steel,we kind advise and share below points to take note when you buying the stainless steel round bars.

stainless steel bright round bars

1.the grade confirmation

For example,if you place the order to factory 304, dia12mm to dia100mm bright round bars stainless steel,before carrying you should checking the goods.use the spectrum directly reading test machine,put on the finish of the stainless steel round bars or end plain,the machine will show you all metal or non-metal elements of the stainless steel bars samles.Then comparing to the ASTM standard all the checmial components required,if all elements in the range of standard,it is qualified.Or not you could rejected!

2.Size checking

Use the micrometer to checking the size is meet for the tolerance you required or not

3.Checking the length

Use the tape measure to do the checking length and length tolerance


Nowadays the diameter above 8mm usually with peeling machine and the finish nearly no defects,just checking the polishing and degree of finish and is there any tool marks on the surface


If the bars be drawn,now take care my friend.checking the finish is there any cracks,pitting,scale,Nifty,and drawn mark or polishing mark on the finish.

5.Checking the roundless

6.See the machine properties such as tensile strengthen,yield strength,hardness after annealing and other agreement with the contract or PO.

All above all,when you import stainless steel bars,just checking all above 7 points,you will get what you pay for my friend.

So my friend,when you need stainless steel round bars bright finish,please do not hesitate to contact us by email song@songalloy.com

When you cooperate us you will got more than what you wanted,welcome to contact us my friend!