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heat-resistant stainless steel grade
Apr 11, 2017

Heat resistant steel grades: 310 s, 309 s and 253 ma stainless steel

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Heat resistant steel is often used in the manufacture of boiler, steam turbine, industrial furnace, and aviation, petrochemical and other industrial departments in working under high temperature components. 
309 s: (0 cr23ni13)
Features: can withstand repeated heating under 980 ℃, has higher strength and oxidation resistance, high temperature carburizing performance.
Application: used as furnace material. 
310 s: (0 cr25ni20)
Features: suitable for production of a variety of furnace with the component, the highest temperature 1200 ℃, continuous working temperature 1150 ℃. 
Purpose: furnace materials, purification devices of automobiles. 

253 ma:uns30815
Features: avi stark Sheffield co., LTD. (Avesta Sheffield AB) of 253 ma is a kind of heat resistant Austenitic stainless steel (Austenitic stainless steel), for high creep strength, creep strength and good resistance to corrosion of application and design.The temperature range is 850 ~ 1100 ℃. 

Purpose: in addition to chromium and nickel alloy elements, the grade of stainless steel also contains a small amount of Rare Earth Metals, Rare Earth Metals, REM), so as to significantly improve its oxidation resistance.Nitrogen added to improve the creep properties and make this be fully austenitic steel.In spite of chromium and nickel content is relatively low, but this kind of stainless steel have many cases with high alloyed steel and nickel base alloy phase

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